What’s Going On – Globes, Zunes, Billy Mays

12 Jan

Merry Monday, loves!

Hope you had a good weekend.

Mine was pretty quiet, which was nice. Watched “Ghost Town,” which was hilarious, did a little shopping and made a few more playlists. All in all a good weekend.

What did you do?


  • Did you watch the Golden Globes? Here’s a list of winners if you missed it.
  • Led Zeppelin is done, says Jimmy Page’s manager.
  • What? Why??? Billy Mays (you know, the guy that screams at you about different products) is getting his own reality show.
  • Speaking of TV, Hilary Duff is working on a new sitcom for FOX.
  • And speaking of more TV, CBS is vying for a slice of the Hulu pie with its video-viewing site that’s added extra shows.

And finally – everybody likes a good cover, right? This site features indie bands covering classic (mostly) ’80s tunes. There are 90 covers, and you can download individual songs for free. (Check out The Botticellis’ version of Whitesnake’s “Here I Go Again” – it’s scary how well it works, when it really shouldn’t)

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