What’s Going On – ‘Twilight,’ new music & TV

7 Jan

Merry Wednesday, Scene cats!

Hope your week is going well! Let’s jump right into news, shall we?

  • Simon Pegg asks you not to buy the DVD of his latest movie, “How to Lose Friends & Alienate People.”

2 Responses to “What’s Going On – ‘Twilight,’ new music & TV”

  1. Howler January 12, 2009 at 5:12 pm #

    I’ve totally got the sequel pegged. The plot basically writes itself:

    Doc is at first excited to be part of the ELE, but soon gets disheartened by their blatant evilness, lack of world-changing vision and artless murdering methods. Plus, as the new guy they all sort of pick on him.

    Meanwhile, an emotionally crippled Capt. Hammer – a drunken shell of the man he once was – is basically of no use to anyone, but two ELE members have a plan to get rid of him for good: Dead Bowie and Fury Lika put their heads together to bring Penny, the supposed love of Capt.’s life, BACK TO LIFE AS BAD PENNY in order to crush Hammer’s once and for all. (In fact, Capt. may have had some part in Fury Lika’s history? Hmm…?)

    Anyway, they bring back BAD PENNY (she always turns up – get it?), who is diametrically opposed to everything good Penny stood for.

    The sight of Bad Penny’s evilness crushes the Doc, making him realize he never meant to really be a part of the ELE’s particular brand of evil, especially since they’ve corrupted the woman he loved.

    SOOOO…. Doc has to get help from the only available source – the drunken, pathetic shell of a man that once was Capt. Hammer – to help return the reinvigorated Penny to her old homeless-hugging self.

    Except he first has to HELP Capt. Hammer (love the irony yet?) return to his old self. He actually has to convince Hammer to punch him like old times. It’ll be a nice buddy-comedy sort of thing. Once Hammer gets back into pounding form, they will team up reluctantly to help save Penny from herself.

    BUT HOW DOES IT END? Easy. Horrible and Hammer have to fight the ELE and unbrainwash zombie Penny. Finally, working together, they crush the control console or disable the mind-bender beam that is forcing Penny to be evil.

    Horrible then quickly betrays Hammer, catching him in a freeze ray. (He IS evil, remember?)

    Horrible looks into Penny’s eyes, looking for some sort of recognition. Some sign that the Penny he once loved still exists. She blinks.

    “Billy?” she says.

    “Yes! It’s me. You remember!”

    And then, because it’s Joss Whedon, Penny pulls out a gun and shoots him dead.


    (Or IS it?)

  2. sheenabarnett January 12, 2009 at 6:54 pm #

    omg, Howler, are you in fact…Joss Whedon himself?!?!?

    Kidding, but that is rather brilliant!!

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