What’s Going On – Zune troubles, “Idol”

31 Dec

Happy New Year’s Eve, Scene cats!

So I opted out of seeing “Marley & Me,” but I caught up with my pals afterward, and they were all red-eyed and sad. See, I knew that movie was of the devil!
Instead of going to the “Marley & Me,” I worked out and watched “Control,” the biopic about Ian Curtis of Joy Divison. I really, really liked the movie. I didn’t know much at all about Curtis going into the movie, and it was really informative. Definitely gave me a bigger appreciation for Joy Division’s music.

Anyways, news!

  • If you’ve watched cable, you’ve no doubt seen those crawlers about how you’ll lose MTV, Nickelodeon and such if you’re on certain cable providers. Here’s more info on that.
  • Is your Zune locking up? Apparently all the 30 and 80 gigs are.

By the way, lads and lasses, this will be the last post for a few days.

Be super-duper careful tonight, k? You know the drill – get a driver if you intend on drinking at all!

Thanks for making this such a great year for Scene Now. Happy new year!

2 Responses to “What’s Going On – Zune troubles, “Idol””

  1. Johnathon December 31, 2008 at 12:54 pm #

    Happy New Year to you too!!! 🙂

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