Life with Lucy: All I Want for Christmas…

21 Dec


Lately Lucy has been unusually rambunctious and eager to play. My guess is because the persistent rain is keeping the both of us inside a lot more than usual.

She has resorted to playing inside tag. This game involves Lucy darting around the living room, under coffee tables and around couches, while I “try” to catch her.  She doesn’t want to be caught; she just wants me to put in a good effort.
Sunday night when I returned home from work, Lucy woke up from her nap well rested and ready to frolic. We went outside, made all our usual stops and came back inside. We tossed the sock-in-ball (this is her favorite toy made with an old sock, preferably unwashed, and tennis ball) and she chewed on a fresh rawhide for awhile. Normally both of these activities are enough to subdue her before bedtime.

Midway through the rawhide she decided it was time to play tag. I can sense when she’s in the mood for a romp because she assumes the position: she will lie down a few feet in front of me with her paws out in front and her back-end high in the air.

She waited for me to launch my attack. As soon as I made my first move, she was off like a rocket – through the hall, into the bedroom, under the bed, out the other side, back through the hall, around the coffee table, between the couches and under the end table. Now she was in her safe place. She had two exits, so no matter which way I went, she could escape. I went left and she went right, and we did it all over again and again.

After round three of this pattern, I decided to change my plan of attack. I retreated into the hallway, leaving her in her safe place, knowing that the suspense would be too much for her. Sooner rather than later she would come searching for me. After all, I could be in the kitchen grabbing a snack and she wouldn’t want to miss out on a snack!

I waited patiently in my hiding spot behind the doorway. As soon as she poked her head into the hallway I launched my attack. She skidded to a halt on all fours, slammed it into reverse and ran full forward toward the couch. She didn’t allow enough time to slow down for the 90 degree turn and skidded out of control. She tumbled, tail over head, and ran directly into the Christmas tree.

I saw the collision coming and watched it all in slow motion, knowing that it was about to be curtains for my poor little Christmas tree. I braced myself for impact and watched. Thankfully only one tiny ball red ball with gold glitter designs dropped to the floor and it didn’t even break! Crisis averted!

As soon as Lucy righted herself and was able to untangle her limbs, she jumped up, looking for me, her assailant.  Instead, the first thing she saw was a shiny new red BALL. I imagine she was thinking, “Christmas came early this year! Woo-hoo!” In one movement she scooped up the ball with her mouth, leaving the hanger dangling over her bottom lip. She was daring me to come and get it.

It was like a scene from an action flick in slow motion. I stopped dead in my tracks and yelled, “NOOOOO!” Standing there mid-lunge I contemplated my next move. If I dived for her, she would escape and eat the ball. If I chased her, she would eat the ball.

Then as quickly as she scooped up my delicate ornament, she opened her mouth and let it roll off her tongue onto my impromptu tree skirt (a.k.a. a white sheet) and went to get a drink of water.

Christmas may not have come early for Lucy, but it did come early for me because we would’ve needed a Christmas Miracle to help pay the vet bill if she hadn’t decided against glitter-flavored ornaments.  Now I just have one last gift to pick up. Anyone know where I can get a red tennis ball?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your furry friends from Lucy and Laura!

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