In the Arena, 12/12

12 Dec


Since Sheena’s cousin was full of questions after this week’s Carrie Underwood show, I thought I would spend this week’s blog answering them.  Here goes:

How does the Arena change its floor?
Well, the basic floor never changes.  We have a 220’ by 120’ concrete floor that is always in place.  For rodeos, we truck in lots of dirt to get to an average depth of eight inches.  Backhoes and tractors are used to spread and smooth the dirt and are also used to remove the dirt at the end of the event.

For ice shows and public skating, we turn on our refrigeration equipment that pumps a glycol solution throughout the miles of pipe that are encased in the concrete floor.  Once the surface temperature reaches 18 degrees, we slowly spray the floor with water to create a base layer of ice.  Once the base layer is in place, we put a coat of white paint onto the ice, then we resume spraying water on the surface until we achieve a depth of 1.5 to 2 inches.  When we’re ready to remove the ice, we turn off the refrigeration equipment, which allows the ice to melt.  If we’re lucky, it doesn’t make too big of a mess as it melts…

For concerts, we build a portable stage (usually 64’ X 48’) the day before the event and then place the chairs on the floor the afternoon of the show.

How did the confetti at the end work?
The confetti cannons were powered by CO2 canisters.  That’s about all I can tell you about how they work but I can tell you that we’ll be cleaning up that confetti for the next few months.  It went everywhere!

Is Taylor Swift ever going to play here?
We would love to host a Taylor Swift show here in 2009 (or beyond).  Rumor has it that she is playing a few major (15,000 seats and up) arenas with Keith Urban as well as some additional dates on her own.  We’ll have to see what happens.

That’s it for the questions I can answer.  We have a building full of high school band students here at the moment, so I’m going to pull out my drumsticks and try to fit in.  Maybe they’ll let me play the cowbell…

Until next time,

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