Egypt Central ends tour in Tupelo

11 Dec

Egypt Central
Egypt Central

• See ’em live
Who: Egypt Central, Forever and Never, Absence of Concern, Betrayal and Killjay
When: 6 p.m. Saturday
Where: Good Time Charlie’s, Tupelo
Cost: $12/advance, $15/day of show
Info: Promoter’s MySpace page
Extra: This show doubles as a CD release party for Fulton rockers Forever and Never. Check out Scene Now’s review of “Calling the Shots.”

Scene Now

TUPELO – If there’s anything Egypt Central knows well, it’s the road.

The hard rock band, based out of Memphis, has spent years relentlessly touring in an effort to get its music heard outside the Mid-South.

Take a look at the band’s year, and it looks like the band members – vocalist John Falls, guitarists Heath Hindman and Chris D’Abaldo, drummer Blake Allison and bassist Joey Chicago – have finally reached success.

Egypt Central started 2008 by releasing its self-titled debut record on ILG Records, with singles like “You Make Me Sick” and “Taking You Down” climbing the charts. Those two hits were recently featured on the WWE Smackdown vs. Raw video game.

The guys will wrap a tour with Disturbed and Art of Dying Friday, and will play their last show of the year in Tupelo on Saturday.

Allison and Chicago said the Disturbed tour was good for Egypt Central.

“The Disturbed guys are really, really friendly,” Chicago said. “They took us under their wing immediately, so we’ve had a lot of good times with them.”

The guys’ only complaint? Recent tour stops in Canada and some Northern states.

“It’s cold, it’s cold,” Allison said. “We’re Southern boys, but we’re getting used to this cold weather. Our equipment’s breaking, our skin is cracking, but we love it, ’cause we’re on tour and we’re getting to do this.”

The success Egypt Central has seen this year is just a testament to the years of hard work the guys have already put in. One of the biggest setbacks came a few years ago – after signing to Lava Records, the label folded, leaving the thisclose-to-success band without a label.

“I’ve got to say, of all the bands that I’ve talked to, we had the longest road ever,” Chicago said. “But that’s the story of our band, which is, don’t give up, and you can overcome anything.”

And Egypt Central is ready to start on a new journey: Recording a second CD.

“It’s been an exciting year and an exciting build-up, but we’ve been (working) on our second record for the last year or so and throughout the success of the first one,” Chicago said.

The experiences of Egypt Central have impacted its music.

“We’ve incorporated some approaches to songs as a whole. You’re going to hear the same style. It’s going to be bigger, bolder, louder, stronger  – not to quote Kanye West,” Allison said, laughing.

The Tupelo show will be a fun way to end an already unforgettable year.

“The show has really grown. Watching a band like Disturbed work a crowd, it’s made us so much better,” Allison said. “It’s the culmination of the tour in one power-packed Tupelo punch.”

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