Life with Lucy: Big Girl Bark

7 Dec


Aside from providing entertainment and companionship, I recently discovered another reason why I love Lucy.

A few nights ago, shortly after midnight, Lucy and I decided to call it a night and got into bed. She took her spot on the right side of the bed and drifted off to sleep before I ever got under the covers. Sometimes I envy her ability to find sleep so easily. I always have to put so much effort into finding the right sleep position before I can drift off.

On this particular night, my drift process was interrupted by a manic barking episode. Now, keep in mind Lucy always hurls herself over the foot board to bark at any moving object/person that passes by the picture window in the front of our humble abode. At first, this time seemed no different that any other time she launched herself at the unsuspecting mailman. In my groggy state, I grumbled at her for interrupting what could have been a perfect REM cycle.

It was during my half-hearted effort to lure her back to bed that I realized something was different about this episode. She was standing at the back door, barking and adding a slight growl.  For just a few seconds she took a moment to breathe and stopped barking. That’s when I heard it: a man’s voice right out in my back yard, close enough for me to hear him speaking.

Well, that was the jolt I needed. My feet were on the floor in seconds and my next stop was at every light switch between the bedroom and back door. I turned on the back porch light because I wanted to see what or who was out there, but I saw nothing. I turned off the light and saw what caused Lucy to go into attack mode. It was the silhouette of two men walking along the fence line and through the trees at the back of our home.

I can’t be sure about their intentions, but as my daddy always reminded when I was begging for a later curfew, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” I don’t know if Lucy knew what they were up to either, but she knew they shouldn’t be there and she told them so with her “big girl bark.”

I have always wondered if I Lucy had it in her to be watchdog or if she would merely lick the offender to death. It’s a comfort to know that there’s a fierce protector somewhere inside my sweet Lucy and that she knows exactly when to perform a costume change.

When we finally returned to bed, after calming my nerves, Lucy didn’t follow her usual make a circle around the bed and curl up in her usual spot. She got on her side of the bed and sat at attention watching the door while I drifted off to sleep.

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One Response to “Life with Lucy: Big Girl Bark”

  1. tupeloginny December 13, 2008 at 4:52 pm #

    So glad Lucy has a big girl bark!

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