Braden Land returns to NeMiss with new music

26 Nov

Braden LandBraden Land

• See him live
Who: Braden Land
When: 8 p.m. Friday
Where: Boondocks Grill, Tupelo
Cost: Free
Info: Braden Land’s MySpace page

• You can pick up a copy of Braden Land’s new CD, “Stumble and Glow,” at iTunes, CDBaby and other music sites.

Scene Now

TUPELO – Thanksgiving is a time to catch up with family and friends, and Braden Land is coming back to Northeast Mississippi to do just that.

Before leaving for Nashville, Land had released his debut CD, “Dirt,” and toured regionally. Now, on his homecoming trip back to Tupelo, he has his second CD under his belt, and he’s toured across the country. Things are looking up as he continues to promote his new CD, “Stumble and Glow,” across the country.

“I started hearing back from the first album, from ‘Dirt.’ I heard from a couple of labels about doing another (CD) and touring,” Land said. “My manager booked me from coast to coast, and introduced me to (producers) in Nashville. And then I got married in April. So there’s been a lot going on.”

New tunes
Land recorded his debut album himself, so recording “Stumble and Glow” was a new experience for him.

“It was weird for me to work with a producer. I’ve always had complete control,” Land said. “It was really great seeing it come together.”

Sometimes moving to such a musical city as Nashville can change how a musician writes or performs, but not Land. He’s stayed true to his bluesy folk rock sound.

“My style of writing hasn’t really changed a whole lot because I try to keep it as inspired as possible,” he said.

Still, there are definitely differences between Nashville and Tupelo.

“It’s easy for Nashville to make musicians and songwriters, in particular, kind of cynical. It’s a great mecca for recording, because there are so many musicians on hand and equipment and all kinds of things…(But) there are some of the best musicians in the world and some of the worst, and success is across the board,” Land said. “Tupelo is so laid back. You’ve heard the expression, you don’t miss the water til your well runs dry.”

Still, Land loves the opportunities Nashville has provided, and he loves coming home.

He’s got plenty to do elsewhere, though.

“I’m always writing,” Land said. “In fact, I’m told I should kind of slow down with the writing while I’m trying to promote (“Stumble and Glow”). But I’m always writing.”

The road continues for touring, too.

“I was told I should get my passport, so I might be going overseas for a tour in the UK,” he said.

No matter where he goes, though, he’s always happy to take the road home.

“I’ll continue to come back,” Land said.

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