Man with a Message, 11/13

13 Nov


Well, it’s been quite a ride.  These last couple months have been amazing, and I’ve met several really incredible people.  I should tell you I feel honored to have been involved with the process of this thing, and it’s really rather fantastic to be getting to help people, and to set up a way for others to help people as well.

The concert will start Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Link Centre in Tupelo on West Main Street near the Walmart of Highway 6.  It will conclude around 10 p.m. that night to restart at 2 the next day.  There will be 20 bands over the two days of the event.  Admission is and has been $5, but in the interest of raising awareness and leaving no one out, everyone is welcome to come and donate as they like.  Our friends at Starbucks will be out front of the Link Centre selling coffee and hot chocolate, and all those proceeds will also go to the charity.

I want to sincerely thank everyone at the Scene and Daily Journal, Starbucks, Album Alley, Joe Joe’s Espresso, the Main Attraction and everyone else who has contributed so much time, effort, and the like to making this concert a reality.  Especially the bands.  You can check our latest blog on our MySpace or just check the last of these “Man With a Message” Blogs on the Daily Journal / Scene Website.

Malaria kills 3-6 THOUSAND Children every day, over a million a year.  This concert signifies the willingness of humanity to respond to the great needs of our time in a positive and progressive manner.  We are all humanitarians.  We are all heroes.  And I personally feel honored to be a servant in this light.

Thank you, and we hope to see you this weekend.


-Michael T. Niblett (Redemption Loves Company)

For Tickets you can Call:  (662) 871-8648

or Visit, Starbucks on West Main St. in Tupelo.

For more information visit our Myspace

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