Luke Bryan rolls into Oxford

12 Nov

Luke Bryan

• See him live
Who: Luke Bryan, Wade Bowen
When: 8 p.m. Thursday
Where: The Lyric Oxford
Cost: $18.50
Info: The Lyric Oxford Web site

• Hey, Luke Bryan, what’s on your iPod?
“I’m a big Ashton Shepherd fan. I listen to her music a lot…I have a pretty extensive rap collection. People always find that funny. I’ve got a lot of rap songs. We actually cover (OneRepublic’s) ‘Apologize’ – people always find that interesting. It catches them off guard…I’m a big fan of music.”
And about that “Apologize” cover? “We put a steel guitar and a fiddle on it. It pretty well countrifies it up pretty good.”

Scene Now

OXFORD – Luke Bryan’s life right now is about juggling the old and new.

Bryan stays busy playing fan favorites like “Country Man,” “All My Friends Say” and “We Rode in Trucks” on tour, but is also in the studio crafting and recording new music. The country star has no complaints.

“It’s really the only life I’ve known thus far,” Bryan said in an interview with Scene Now from Nashville. “You’re glad you’re busy going out on the road and have the opportunity to do another record, so you try to make it work. It’s just a busy lifestyle.”

Bryan enjoys both staying put in a studio and getting out and about on tour.

“Both are fun. Both help you get on the road of being a bigger artist. You’ve got to get out and make a connection with all your fans, and record new music to make sure they’ve got new stuff to be listening to,” he said.

Bryan is working on the follow-up to his first CD, “I’ll Stay Me.”

“So far we’re sticking to our guns to what I’m trying to be, but I think the songs are better, I really do,” Bryan said. “I think the songs are more universal…We’ve cut five songs so far and I wrote four of the five, so I’ve had a pretty big hand in the writing process.”

Bryan and his band have been performing a few new songs live to test them out. So far, the response has been positive.

“We’ve been doing songs called ‘Welcome to the Farm’ and ‘Better Than My Heart,’ so yeah, we’ve been bouncing them off some of the crowds,” he said. “They seem to be digging them.”

Bryan said his live shows are always a good time for country music fans.

“It’s just a rockin’ show. We do one or two slow songs, and that’s it,” Bryan said. “Just come out and put the day behind you, and listen to some fun country music.”

Here’s Luke Bryan’s video for “Country Man.”

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