Forever & Never releases debut EP

12 Nov

Forever & NeverForever & Never
Photo by Blake McCollum

• Forever & Never will release “Calling the Shots” at their next gig.
The band will perform with Egypt Central, Absence of Concern, Killjay and Betrayal at Good Time Charlie’s Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. Tickets are $12/advance and $16/door.
The EP will also be on sale at FYE at the Mall at Barnes Crossing.

Scene Now

More than anything, Forever & Never sounds ready.

Ready to record a full length album, ready to rock thousands on a tour, ready to take over the world.

That’s the sound created by the band on its first EP, “Calling the Shots.” The guys of Forever & Never blend their individual styles, which range from metal to indie rock, into a unique sound that shows its many colors in just the five songs that make up “Calling the Shots.” From the sexy, steady rock of “Calling the Shots” to the intimacy of “Bloodshot Eyes,” Forever & Never shows off everything they can do – while hinting at more – on the EP.

“Heart is Sick” kicks off the EP with an infectious energy. Forever & Never mixes heavy riffs with a radio-friendly feel, so the song already sounds like a hit.

Forever & Never make a solid pop-punk sound with extra punk on “Not Looking for Love,” while hints of metal creep below the surface of “Crashing Down.”

“Bloodshot Eyes” is Forever & Never at its most intimate and vulnerable. “She treats me right/So I try not to screw it up/These bloodshot eyes/No, they don’t lie/No matter how hard I try to cover it up,” vocalist Tyler Eden sings with quiet sincerity. His performance is stellar.

The best song is easily the title track. “Calling the Shots” sets out to seduce the listener from the beginning, and it succeeds. The sexy lyrics work with the dark, mysterious feel of the music to create an unforgettable song.

“Calling the Shots” ends with a remix of the title track, a fun, different take on the song.

“Calling the Shots” is an excellent start for Forever & Never. The EP does exactly what an EP should – it proves that the band is ready to tackle a full-length album, and it leaves fans hungry for more.

Four out of five stars

2 Responses to “Forever & Never releases debut EP”

  1. JRAY November 13, 2008 at 9:31 am #

    ive seen forever and never 3 times.. and their show is better every time i see them… those guys if they keep it up will be touring with the biggest and best bands out there… they have a unique sound that mixes styles… its good stuff..


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    […] doubles as a CD release party for Fulton rockers Forever and Never. Check out Scene Now’s review of “Calling the […]

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