Joan Red makes return trip to Tupelo

6 Nov


• See ’em live
Who: Joan Red, Killjay, Victum, Cleverform, Forgotten by Fate, Dead Set
When: 7 p.m. Saturday
Where: Good Time Charlie’s, Tupelo
Cost: $10/advance, $12/day of show
Info: Joan Red’s MySpace

• Hey, Anthony Basurto of Joan Red, what’s on your iPod?
“I do have an iPod; I actually cracked the screen so I can barely see it. I just actually found a song that was really intriguing, it’s from the ‘Twilight’ soundtrack, a song by Paramore (‘Decode’). Paramore’s stuff is really good, how they write their music and how they think about their musical style…Red – I really like that album, just because it’s so well put-together and movie score-esque. I’ve got Sting, I’ve got Peter Gabriel, I’ve got Michael Jackson, I’ve got U2…Daughtry. I’m really diverse in my musical taste; I like music that hits people…I really like stuff that takes some real soul and real emotion and lays it all out on the table.”

Scene Now

TUPELO – Once upon a time, Joan Red was just another band struggling to make it big in Memphis.

Hundreds of songs, shows and fans later, Joan Red has a record deal with Fuel Records and a debut album about to drop.

The hard-rock band, made up of lead singer Anthony Basurto, bass player Darin Davies, guitarists Shawn Morgan and Michael Lovelace and drummer Tripp Atkinson, will make a return trip to Tupelo, a town that’s been very good to them, all while getting ready to take over the world.

“Right now, we’re really getting things in order. It’s a big change to switch from doing everything yourself to having a label come in and help out,” Basurto said in a phone interview with Scene Now. “We’re rehearsing, getting ready for tours and practicing our art and our business as well.”

The band recently signed onto Fuel, which is distributed through Warner Music Group. Though the label is helping out in major ways, they haven’t helped Joan Red with its MySpace page – and the band’s fine with that. The guys enjoy using their MySpace page to talk to fans and find new ones.

“It’s a key element to be able to reach out and touch people via MySpace,” Basurto said. “MySpace is all us…It might me me, might be Mike, might be Shawn, Darin – we all get on there and we all love to talk to our fans. That’s the easiest way to talk to everybody.”

When the guys aren’t chatting up fans on MySpace, they’re perfecting their music.

Joan Red’s debut CD is scheduled to be released in January, according to the band’s MySpace page. Some songs on the new CD were featured on the group’s “Spread the Red” EP but will have a new sound.

“We rerecorded about four new songs and we remixed every song. What you’re going to get is not anything low-budget, coming out of our pocket stuff. We have some good quality songs,” Basurto said. “The album’s going to be well-rounded. It’s going to be a rollercoaster ride.”

Joan Red is also pumped for its upcoming tour dates, and Basurto said it’s important that fans come out to live gigs.

“One thing we really want to push is that the music is back in your hands these days – it’s not the industry that controls it anymore. If you get behind an artist, it’s all about you,” he said. “We give 110 percent, no matter what’s going on. We’re going to give you the show you paid for. I love to hear everybody sing, so bring your singing voices.”

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