In the Arena, 11/7

6 Nov


Thanks for all the comments on last week’s blog.  I thought I would spend this week addressing the acts/shows mentioned and let you know our possibilities of landing each one.

TNA Wrestling – Several of you commented on TNA.  We have been in discussions with the promoters of TNA and are looking at possible dates for next year.

Taylor Swift – A great young talent that crosses over from country to pop with ease.  She will be embarking on her first solo tour next year.  We have had contact with her promoters but do not have anything to report at this time.  Depending on the success of her next record, our venue may actually be too small for this tour.

More Christian shows similar to Winter Jam – I don’t know how similar it is to Winter Jam, but Casting Crowns and a slew of other contemporary Christian acts will be in the arena on December 8.

Linkin Park – We tried to book this show last year but were unsuccessful.  We’ll keep trying…

Nickelback – We’ve had conversations with their management but nothing to report.  Look for their tour to play major markets first next year.

Third Day or Jeremy Camp – Both acts have played here in recent years to mixed results.  I thought the Robert Randolph/Third Day package that toured last summer would have been a great show.  I don’t know that we could have sold enough tickets to make it successful, though.

Dropkick Murphys or Flogging Molly – If we had a setup smaller than 2,500 seats this might work.  Sorry Farley…

MSU Hockey – Their home ice debut will be next Friday and Saturday nights versus Loyola of New Orleans.  To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first collegiate hockey game ever hosted in the state of Mississippi.

Big and Rich – We’ll have to see what happens with this act if/when the return from hiatus.

My Chemical Romance – I’m not sure we can book this act due to a conflict of interest between Sheena the fan and Sheena the reporter!  As for the Warped or Pojeckt Revolution tours, they’re staying outside for now.  I like the idea of a traveling rock show similar to Winter Jam but I don’t see anyone with a show like that on the road today.  Perhaps we should start that trend…

Again, thanks for the suggestions.  Feel free to add more at any time!

Until next time,


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