EOTO to rock Starkville

5 Nov



• See ’em live
When: 8 p.m. Monday (Nov. 10)
Where: State Theatre, Starkville
Cost: $12
Info: State Theatre’s Web site
Extra: 18+

Scene Now

STARKVILLE – For the guys in EOTO, “once in a lifetime” is a promise.

Jason Hann and Michael Travis, members of The String Cheese Incident, make up EOTO, their live looping project. Travis and Hann’s live show is a totally improvised collaboration between live instrumentation and digital mixing. No two shows are ever the same; absolutely nothing is pre-recorded or even preplanned. Each show is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“For us there’s nothing better than setting all our gear up and diving into it every night, into a bunch of people from different places, and if people aren’t dancing then we’re not doing  our job,” Hann said with an interview with Scene Now. “The only way you practice is just being in front of more people, and different types of people, and that’s what lends itself to a unique performance every time.”

Hann said improvising every night is always exciting.

“At soundcheck we’ll play for about five minutes, but what we play at soundcheck doesn’t have antyhing to do with what we do that night,” he said.

It’s also a blast to see the crowd dancing along.

“It’s funny to see sometimes,” he said, laughing. “There are some moves that are pretty universal, depending on what somebody’s on and how somebody wants to do their own thing. It’s all good, so long as they’re not throwing elbows. We just say, close your eyes and go for it.”

EOTO focuses more on improvising song structures than improvising notes, Hann said. Right now, he and Travis are excited about a new style of music called dubstep. It’s a form of electronica uses heavy bass, sparse beats and dark moods.

“It’s very very powerful music without being very angry or aggresive,” he said.

EOTO has recorded two studio albums. The band’s albums and all live shows are available for download at the EOTO Web site. But, EOTO is primarily a live act – one that offers up a totally unique listening experience at each gig.

“Its like a DJ but it’s live musicians playing every night – it’s a whole other level,” Hann said. “What we’re doing is we’re making people dance and making them go to a different space than they’d go with any other band or DJ. A universal dance party is what we’ve got going on.”

Here’s EOTO performing at Sonic Boom:

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