Ask Scene! Answers

31 Oct

Here are this week’s batch of questions. Remember, you can ask a question by posting it in a comment or by e-mailing

Q: What’s the best concert experience you’ve ever had and what made it the best? — popculturefairy
A: Ohh, good question. There have been so many.
I can think of a lot that were special for all kinds of reasons, but there are two that really stick out in my mind: Smashing Pumpkins at Mud Island last October, and My Chemical Romance at Memphis in May this year. They’re completely a tie!
Smashing Pumpkins: That was actually my first time ever to see the band live, and they performed lots of my favorite songs, like “Drown,” “Bullet with Butterfly Wings,” “That’s The Way (My Love Is)” and “Cherub Rock.” Billy Corgan sang “1979” by himself, acoustic, and it was amazing. But, it was rainy and VERY cold, and he messed up a few times – and it was hilarious.  The band sounded amazing.
I cried almost the whole way through it, just because I realized how much this band has really stayed with me throughout my life. Every song brought back old memories of long-lost friends.
Looking back at it now, I wish things had been a little different – I wish I’d seen all of the opening act (Explosions in the Sky), I wish I’d sat closer, I wish I’d brought better clothes since it was so cold and rainy…but either way, it was amazing. Definitely the most emotional show ever.
MCR: I’d seen MCR twice before I saw them at Memphis in May, but this time was the best. My very best friend ever, Hannah, and I went, and we were bound and determined to get as close to the stage as possible. We stood in the pouring rain for about five hours before we saw them. By the end of the night, only the true MCR fans were there, and the band was amazing, I guess because they knew we’d been out there so long. It was a mix of songs off “The Black Parade” and “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge,” but they also threw in some of my old favorites/b-sides like “Headfirst for Halos” and “Kill All Your Friends.”
Me and the Mighty Nanner were totally soaked, our shoes ruined (but hey, I still wear ’em) and we were exhausted, but it was one of the best, most fun, coolest experiences ever.
Honestly it was kind of like the year I was editor of The Daily Mississippian, the Ole Miss student newspaper: I knew it was probably a bad idea from the beginning, but I stuck it out – and it was way worth it; I learned a lot from it; and Hannah was by my side through it all, quipping her hilarious quips. And it was the time of my life.
And, before the show, we ran into MCR guitarists Frank Iero and Ray Toro in the mall before the show. Awesome! 🙂


Q: Do you like the idea of band’s selling their new albums exclusively at one retailer (Eagles, AC/DC, the new Guns N Roses)? Do you think this trend may become the industry standard business model? –Jeff
A: Do I like it? No. Why?
Basically, I like having choices. If I want to go to Album Alley, I’ll go to Album Alley. If I feel like being lazy and getting it off emusic or iTunes, I’ll get it there. If I’m in Target/Walmart/Best Buy/insert store name here and decide I want to buy something there, I’ll do that. I like choices!
Small or independent stores have complained – and rightly so, I believe – that labels will give their “big,” better-selling bands/artists to a huge chain, but give their lesser-known artists to independent stores. That just isn’t fair.
Plus, I’d like to think that a true musician wouldn’t care how his/her music got out, so long as it did — so it bothers me when an artist I like goes exclusive.
Also, I feel like it’s a dare: they obviously intend for you to buy it at that particular store, but the non-conformist in me wants to see if I can find it elsewhere, just to spite them. It turns purchasing music into a game, basically.
It does look like this is becoming the trend, but I wonder how really successful it is. People will always find a way around it. Speaking of, this story featured in Rolling Stone last year really troubled me. Basically, it says that The Eagles’ newest CD, which was supposed to be sold exclusively at Walmart, was found in other stores, sold at much higher prices and touted as “imports.” That’s scary.
Will it become standard? Beats me, but it does seem awfully popular.

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