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26 Oct

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Have you heard of a book Obsessed with Star Wars? If so are you hearing that it is any good? Thanks. –Todd
Yes, to both! Apparently it’s really a game more than a book. It comes with 2,500 questions about “Star Wars” – apparently really hard ones, too, and you can quiz yourself using a little electronic device. Sounds like fun to me! You can learn more about it at

What band or bands would you recommend seeing in Oxford this weekend? Thanks for taking these questions. –tupeloalan
Two terrific local acts, Aaron Hall Band and Sanders Bohlke, will be at Proud Larry’s Saturday and Wednesday, respectively. I caught the Aaron Hall Band earlier this year and LOVED them. I’ve never seen Sanders live but I’ve got his first CD, which is great.
Rhett Atkins is at The Lyric Oxford Friday, and Three 6 Mafia will be there next Wednesday.

What do you think of the new GNR single? –farley662
It sounds like what I’m afraid the rest of the album sounds like: like it could be great…but never really goes anywhere.
First of all I’m so happy to hear Axl’s voice again on new material. Generally I’m turned off by anybody whose personality is bigger than the music they make (and Axl is a textbook example of that), but, man, what an amazing voice that guy has.
The music feels old and tired –– too much like the muck that’s on most mainstream stations today. It could really go somewhere, but it just doesn’t.
Basically: eh. It’s OK.
Listen to it for yourself at the GnR Web site.

Have you read Watchmen yet? My offer still stands. –Scratch
I have indeed!!  Thank you (and Mickey, and anyone else who suggested it) for the recommendation. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I don’t know we have enough space here to talk about it but dude, it was amazing. I have no idea how they’re going to turn it into a movie, because the novel is just that good. There are definitely a few things that will just look better in comic book form, but at the same time, what I’ve seen of the movie looks amazing. So, sorry, no buying back from me…this one’s a keeper. 🙂

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