In the Arena, 10/24

24 Oct


Last weekend was a busy one at the Arena.  We hosted more than 5,000 Cheetah Girl fans (and their parents) on Friday night only to turn around and host a fundraising dinner and dancing event for the Boys and Girls Clubs on Saturday night.  I don’t think any of our employees felt like dancing after working through the night, but I can say that both shows ran smoothly.

I don’t know how many of you attended the free concert at Fairpark on Wednesday night, but those of you that didn’t make it missed a great time.  Jimbo Mathus and his band put on a great show.  I didn’t hear any Squirrel Nut Zipper tunes (or Café Des Moines either) played during the two hours that I was there, but the material was excellent.  I would have to classify it as more of a roots rock/Americana night than a Hill Country Blues event as it was billed.  No matter what the label is on the music, it was good and something that should happen more often in Tupelo.  The weather was perfect, the setting picturesque, and the price was absolutely right:  it was free!  A big thank you to the Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association, the Tupelo CVB, and all of the corporate sponsors that helped make this happen.  Now let’s see it happen again soon!

Speaking of free events, we’re trying to add more preshow concerts to our lineup of events here at the arena.  Weather permitting (I’m writing this on Thursday morning), we hosted the Tim Warren Band and Nash Street in our parking lot prior to the Sugarland concert.  Talks are under way to have another free tailgate show prior to the Buckcherry concert on November 25.  It’s just our way of giving something extra to the fans while at the same time allowing some great local acts to receive exposure.  After all, every act that plays the Arena had to start somewhere…

That’s the blog for this week.  Hope you’re enjoying the acts that we’re able to bring to town.  And whenever you get a chance, please support live music at any level.

Until next time,


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