What’s Going On – ‘Ghost Hunters,’ Dr. Pepper, Morrissey

23 Oct

Happy Thursday, Scene cats!

Sorry I’m late getting this up, but I came in to work late today because I’m covering Sugarland tonight. Say hey if you see me out and about!

Speaking of live tunes, did you go see Jimbo Mathus last night in Tupelo?

I showed up a little late – sorry, I was shopping for my cousin’s 13th birthday! Little cousins come before all! – but I still had a really good time. Jimbo definitely didn’t disappoint. Here’s to more outdoor gigs in Tupelo!


  • Dr. Pepper is keeping its word – if “Chinese Democracy” is indeed released in November, everybody in America gets a free Dr. Pepper.
  • There’s a new “Ghost Hunters” spin off: “Ghost Hunters: College Edition.” On the show, college students will investigate paranormal activity, led by an experienced ghost hunter.
  • Larry the Cable Guy’s Christmas special will air on CMT in November.
  • The Beastie Boys are working on a new album.
  • And finally, Entertainment Weekly tells you how to dress like a star for Halloween.

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