What’s Going On – Ashton Shepherd, ‘Twilight,’ Aerosmith

21 Oct

G’day, Scene mates!

Somebody tell me – what’s a good show to watch on Monday nights? Mondays are notoriously bad TV nights for me. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show on Mondays that I’ve really loved. The best thing I found on the TV last night was a Ramones documentary (it really was good), but it would be nice to have some kinda show to watch Mondays…


  • CMT has an interview with Ashton Shepherd, who’s opening for Sugarland in Tupelo this Thursday. You can read my story about her in Thursday’s Journal.
  • “Twilight” fans want Robert Pattison to host “SNL,” and they even have a petition.
  • Keith Urban will release a live DVD at Walmart in November.
  • The second volume of MySpace Dark Horse Presents will include a Captain Hammer comic, a new “Umbrella Academy” short story and more. It publishes Feb. 2009.
  • Speaking of “Dr. Horrible”-related things, here are even more applicants for the Evil League of Evil. (The Final Straw is my new favorite, but Darthaul is awesome too!)
  • Speaking of “Umbrella Academy,” looks like it’ll be turned into a film after all. Whee!

One Response to “What’s Going On – Ashton Shepherd, ‘Twilight,’ Aerosmith”

  1. Final Straw October 24, 2008 at 11:58 am #

    Moo hoo hah hah!

    Thanks for your kind words. They won’t save you from the Papercut of Doom!


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