12 Stones makes Starkville tour stop

21 Oct

• See ’em live
Who: 12 Stones, Nonpoint
When: doors open at 7 p.m., Wednesday
Where: Remington’s Hunt Club, Starkville
Cost: $15/door, $17/using credit card
Info: Hunt Club’s Web site

• Can’t make it to the Starkville show? The bands will hit up Club Fire in Jackson Thursday night.

• Hey, Paul McCoy from 12 Stones, what’s on your iPod?
“I have an 80 gig iPod, as packed as I can get it. I listen to everything from rap to country music….Right now, Karnivool, they’re from Australia and it’s a really, really great band. Nonpoint’s one of my favorite bands…My ritual before a show, about 45 minutes before a show, to put my iPod in and go for a little walk.”


STARKVILLE – Practicing songs, getting in shape, finalizing the little details – there’s a lot of work to be done when preparing for a nationwide tour.

The guys of rock band 12 Stones –lead singer Paul McCoy, guitarist Eric Weaver, bass player Shawn Wade, drummer Aaron Gainer and guitarist Justin Rimer – had just one plan: sleep.

“Just this tour, we have maybe five days off in two months,” McCoy said in an interview with Scene Now. “So we know that we’re gonna be slammed.”

The band’s tour with Nonpoint will take them all over Mississippi and Texas, along with stops in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina.

“We plan on constantly doing shows…When you have one day off and seven shows in a row, it takes a toll on your body a little bit,” he said.

This tour will offer up a little bit of everything for fans.

“We have three albums, so we’re doing about five songs from each record. A little bit of new stuff, a little bit of old stuff, in between random, obscure covers. We just try to mix it up,” McCoy said. Cover songs range from Silverchair tunes to Jimi Hendrix favorites. “It really just depends on the crowd and the night,” he said.

12 Stones’ third album, “Anthem for the Underdog,” was released last year, but the band is already thinking about a fourth CD.

“We’re always, constantly writing songs,” McCoy said. “We just try to write about what we know and what’s in front of us and real experiences.”

And right now, touring is their experience. McCoy said a 12 Stones show is always a fun time.

“We really try to put ourselves out there,” he said. “If you want to have a good time and experience a good live show, this is the one to see.”

Here’s the video for “Adrenaline” by 12 Stones:

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