Album review: I Am Ghost

20 Oct

What do you get when you cross the dark imagery and music of My Chemical Romance and the poppy hooks and long song titles of Fall Out Boy? The new I Am Ghost album, “Those We Leave Behind.”

Wait, wait, don’t get so excited just yet. Although I Am Ghost takes the best from both bands, what’s actually made is some soulless, watered-down pop-punk-metal. Somewhere between the band’s first album, “Lovers’ Requiem,” and this new record, some of the more talented band members – including the group’s female vocalist – left. What made the band so unique is gone, and what’s left leaves much to be desired.

It’s not that the music is bad, it’s just that it feels like there’s no soul or feeling behind it. Lead singer Steven Juliano sings dark lyrics, but dark lyrics are meaningless unless with no emotion or story behind them.

The music is radio friendly, but not in a good way. The hooks sound dull, overused almost. There are a few catchy melodies, but overall, the music is perfectly mediocre.

When I heard “Lovers’ Requiem,” I was excited – here was a new band I could get behind! But this album was just disappointing.

Pick it up only if you’re really hungry for some pop/punk sounds – but even then, I’d tell you to stick to your trusty MCR, Aiden, FOB or All-American Rejects albums.

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