Man with a Message – 10/16

16 Oct


The week has been busy, as anticipated, but I feel every day I learn something new about people and the world in general.  I’ve been incredibly encouraged by the willingness of people to step out of their comfort zones and take upon themselves responsibility in solving the problem that we’re hoping to affect in November.  It’s funny, malaria is such a strange word to people in this country, like something out of fiction, or at best, history.  But hopefully, as we play two or three shows a week leading up this music event, “Music With a Message,” we are bringing this horror into the fore ground of some people’s view.
There is no denying how awful such a thing is, so it is understandable that many people might choose to simply look the other way.  I mean, who can process the fact that in 2008, in a world of the October, post-season baseball, and arguments about our presidential election, and even reality television where people demean themselves regularly for money or mere infamy, that one out of every three children in a country will die before they turn twelve of a single, strangely named disease, a disease in our minds relegated to the past?

My conversations with youth ministers and business owners and even average people often have a similar feeling about them, disbelief coupled with an effort to remain polite and above the reality of the thing.  It might be the only way we can cope at something that surely grieves the heart of God Almighty.  So what can we do?  Well, here’s a start.  Donate $5.  That amount will pay for half of a bed net.  That amount will, without any doubt, save a child’s life, one child, one more than if we did nothing.  There are 40,000+ people in Tupelo, so you do the math on what it would mean if even half of them made such a small commitment.  It would change the math of a region.  It would prove that we still believe life is sacred.  This concert, as much as I hate to admit it, is like ice-cream in a spoon.  It is something to help get the medicine in the system.  Don’t get me wrong; I love music as much as anyone I’ve ever met.  It gives a voice to my soul, and I would not be the same without it, but if I were to ever forget why I cast these melodies into the air, I would be lost.  And the music would mean nothing.

I can’t say enough about the bands, and others who have contributed to this event.  However, the real ability to change this situation rests with the hearts of those who will or will not give what they can, however small, to make this problem part of the history with which we so readily associate it.  I genuinely believe that the people in this culturally rich region will not let this amazing opportunity to truly make a difference in the world pass them by.

I’ll be meeting with many other pastors, youth ministers, business owners, and other persons this week with growing intensity over the next few weeks.  We are trying to do something bigger than any of us are separately capable of.  So my band is called Redemption Loves Company.  I read those words today, not as a title, but as a sentence, a little piece of truth.

Tickets for this thing are on sale now at Joe Joe’s Espresso (their new location is the building that Uptown Coffee formerly occupied, beside McAllister’s on S. Gloster in Tupelo); also the Main Attraction in Downtown Tupelo;  along with Starbucks on West Main St, and a few others.
The quickest way to get tickets, in bulk or otherwise, is to get in touch with us.  The contact info is as follows: or the band’s MySpace page or call:  (662) 871-8648.

I hope you’ll consider being apart of the solution.

-Michael Niblett (Redemption Loves Company)

2 Responses to “Man with a Message – 10/16”

  1. Nikki October 18, 2008 at 12:22 am #

    “However, the real ability to change this situation rests with the hearts of those who will or will not give what they can, however small, to make this problem part of the history with which we so readily associate it. ” — Need I say more?

  2. just an old friend October 19, 2008 at 11:53 am #

    “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” -Pericles

    Michael, I think you should put this on one of your flyers because it’s honest and sincere… just like you.

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