Be an extra!

14 Oct

popculturefairy, aka Pop Culture Overdose‘s April Perea, has an offer for anyone who wants to be in a movie!

OCTOBER 25 at Saltillo City Park - WE NEED A CROWD!

Suicide King Films is shooting some
scenes at Saltillo City Park (near the gazebo/stage area)
on OCTOBER 25th at 2 pm for "It Came From
Beyond Beyond" (sequel to "OCHO: Arachnid From Hell"!).
We need people to fill out a crowd/music festival scene.
This DOES NOT PAY – you are participating for the fun
of it. This is a 50s/60s-style B-movie (takes place
in 1964)  and you need to be dressed in clothing
of that period or at least similar to that period.
For guys, think a plain white T-shirt with rolled-up
jeans and maybe a leather jacket, or if you don't
have that - overalls will work (the movie takes
place in Guntown). Girls, think skirts or dresses,
maybe capris. And you need them to be plain
or maybe things with flower patterns...nothing
IN THAT ERA EITHER! If in doubt, look up some
styles of clothes and hair from that era
on the Internet or ASK YOUR PARENTS!

 - All ages welcome, but if you bring kids,
dress them up and keep them with you at all times!

If you need directions to the Saltillo City Park
or want to know more info, please
contact director Daniel Lee - or at his MySpace.

One Response to “Be an extra!”

  1. popculturefairy October 14, 2008 at 1:13 pm #

    Thanks for posting it!

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