In the Arena, 10/10

9 Oct


Well, the fair is still here.  I thought they might be washed away this past Tuesday, but luckily we’re on high ground.  The fun ends Sunday, so there’s still time to ride the rides if you haven’t done so already.  We would love to hear from you guys on whether this was a good event for the community.  Give us your feedback!

Perhaps the most unusual thing that happened this week was that we are now the proud owners of 300 pair of new (to us, anyway) ice skates.  Why would we be interested in that many pairs of ice skates?  If you’ve tried to skate in our old skates you understand perfectly.  While we’re not looking to get back into the public ice skating business on a long term basis (thanks to TVA and their 20% rate increase!), we will be offering skating sessions during the latter half of November.  Look for more information on our website in the coming weeks.

Back to the skates.  How does one find 300 pairs of used ice skates in Mississippi?  I must say that the internet is an amazing thing.  We happened to notice a small story online late Friday afternoon about an auction of the Ice Park in Flowood, MS, that was taking place last Saturday.  After a few phone calls, we found someone to successfully bid on our behalf at the auction.  So now we can retire the skates that have been in use at the Arena for the past ten years.  We can’t say for sure how old our original skates are, but I think it’s safe to say that are probably older than Dorothy Hamill…

Don’t forget the two concerts coming up later this month:  The Cheetah Girls show on October 17 and Sugarland on October 23.  Good seats still remain for both shows.  Hope to see you there.

Until next time,


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