In My Queue: “30 Days of Night”

7 Oct

Scene Now

Maybe I should be worried.

In the last few months, some of my friends have called me up and said they just saw a very violent and bloody movie – and they just knew I’d love it.

Eek! Really?

While I’m all about sci-fi, horror and anything even barely supernatural, I don’t know that I always like violence, and I certainly have my problems with gore. Choreography is a passion of mine, so well-choreographed violence is just as beautiful to me as a well-choreographed dance. Gore? Not so much. Most of the time I feel like filmmakers rely too much on gore. It seems like they’re thinking, “Hey…we can’t come up with anything cooler to happen here…so let’s blow this guy’s head off!” Um, no. That’s not really entertaining.

That said, I had a lot of fun with “30 Days of Night.”

“30 Days of Night” should be fresh in movie-goers’ minds, since it was released just this time last year.

When the movie was released, I thought about seeing it, but obviously missed it. My friend Laura watched it recently and said I’d love it. Besides, it’s about vampires – my favorite monster of all time – and, of course, lots of blood and violence.

The film – based on a graphic novel of the same name – stars Josh Hartnett as the sheriff of a small Alaskan town. The town goes into 30 days without sunshine, so some vampires decide that town is their favorite new vacation spot. You can imagine the rest from there, for the most part. Psst: there’s violence. And blood. Who’d have thought?

I used to be really picky about vampire lore. I didn’t like it if the story just stuck to the traditional myths (garlic, sunlight, etc.), but I didn’t like it if the myths were too fantastical. I liked that there really wasn’t much lore with these vamps – you didn’t know exactly what killed them, why they were there, etc. You just knew they wanted to kill everybody. The vampires looked amazing and were truly scary.

“30 Days of Night” looks really, really good – the violence and blood are so well done you’d almost swear they were the stars of the show. But I have a feeling that’s a nod to the graphic novel, which I haven’t read. The best graphic novels are usually so well done that a movie can barely touch them, and I have a feeling the book is just as beautifully done as the movie.
The acting is decent enough, with the stand-out performance going to Ben Foster as The Stranger. He’s so effective as the mysterious, crazy Stranger. His performance is worth the rental.

It takes a lot to get a scare out of me these days, with all the scary stuff I watch, but this movie effectively creeped me out.

“30 Days of Night” is one of the better vampire flicks I’ve seen in a while. I won’t own it, but I wouldn’t turn down watching it again. It’s a fun movie to rent this close to Halloween, and it looks good on the small screen.

My sole complaint? Peach yogurt and “30 Days of Night” do not mix. Trust me.

Here’s the “30 Days of Night” trailer:

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