Hanson, The Veronicas in Nashville

6 Oct

Editor’s Note: Guest blogger April Perea is back with another concert review. Remember, if you dig her stuff, check out her blog at Pop Culture Overdose.


So my most fun-loving group of friends got together to see Hanson in Nashville Friday night. Andy, Ana, Sabs (my sister) and I had our little mini-road trip on very little sleep, so it got more fun as the night went along – a true girls’ night out!

We didn’t find out until about lunch that the charity “walk” that Hanson holds was at 3 p.m., and we didn’t have time to make it. It’s a way for the band to raise awareness of the TOM’s Shoe Drop campaign to collect shoes for poverty-stricken children in Africa, and many other things as well. We were actually looking forward to the event, and were a bit upset that we missed out on that.

When we got there, after what seemed an impossibly long trip full of our little in-jokes, we were a bit later than we intended. We didn’t even have time to eat – but what made up for it was the fact that there was a Michael Jackson impersonator on the street corner. There was a line about three blocks long to get in, even though the doors were supposed to open about 30 minutes prior to our arrival. We picked up our passes and got to the back of the line like good little girls.

When we got in, there was already a compact area of about 200 girls in front of the stage. Sabrina and I tried to use our press passes to make it up front to the press pit area, but were basically told by security that they weren’t opening the pit up. We sat there contemplating what to do, when a bunch of girls told us, “You’re going to have to go back to the back, because we have been here ALL DAY.” We thought that was a bit rude, but we went back and joined our friends, as to not incur the wrath of angsty Hanson fans. We spent the next few minutes a little bit irate because the press photo pass was kind of pointless, wasn’t it? And we never got decent pics the whole night…not a good way to make the press happy campers!

The first band came on about 15 minutes till start time, which impressed the hell out of me! Usually shows are at best on-time, if not late. Never have I gone to a show that started early! Then, I was thinking, “Who the hell are these guys?” The Veronicas were listed as the opening act and there wasn’t a chick to be seen. Unless, hiding behind the lead singer’s ultra-hip “scene” hair, there was a secret lurking…Eventually we were told they were Everybody Else from L.A. I was thinking, “Really? L.A? With that hair and those tight pants, I would have NEVER GUESSED!” Their sound was well put-together and they had some catchy songs, but my impression was that they were a bit too concerned with their “look”. The lead singer’s hair was in his face 3/4 of the time, so I couldn’t tell if he was really hot or incredibly ugly. Who knows? Even though the consensus was that no one knew who they were, they had people moving and I guess that’s what counts!

The Veronicas played next. They were smokin’ hot gals from Australia. They have one bit hit over here called “4ever” that I’d heard quite a bit. It sounds mysteriously like “U and Ur Hand” by Pink to me. I’m not pointing any fingers because I don’t know whose song came first, but I think I like Pink’s song better. The Veronicas were easy on the eyes and their songs were catchy and danceable, but lyrically seemed to lack substance. Their music is a little busy with multi-layered vocal tracks, synth, and instruments.

So after a long set-up/sound check, Hanson finally came out to their throngs of fans in Beatles-esque hysterics. These fans will seriously crush your skull if you get in between them and Taylor. It’s like they secretly hope that Taylor will spot them and instantly fall in love. (Let us forget the fact that ALL of Hanson is married with kids nowadays: Taylor’s wife is expecting child number four, Isaac has two kids, and Zack has one.)
The musical performance was excellent. This was my second time seeing them and they never fail to put on a good show. They are talented guys. Anyone who doesn’t take the time to listen to their newer stuff and judges them based on “Mmmbop” is missing out on some well-written material. These guys have grown up. And besides that, could you have written a big a hit as “Mmmbop” at the age they were? Yeah, didn’t think so! They played a song that previously had only been sung backstage acapella  and that was a rare treat. The crowd went wild for “Mmmbop” of course, and a few other older tracks like “A Minute Without You” and tracks from “Underneath” (2004’s release, which was the first album they released after going indie). They played new stuff off “The Walk”, but I hadn’t really checked that out until then.

They had been played more than two hours when they finally went offstage, but then came back for an encore and we left, because we were so exhausted from standing for five hours and being up since early morning! I don’t see how they do it. Most local shows you would be lucky to get a 30-minute set, and even that is tiring. Two-plus hours, after their afternoon marathon walk too…My conclusion is that Hanson are machines, and not humans.

So we ate at Waffle House, and headed home, laughing all the way (ha ha ha), still going on utter delirium. It was a good time…

3 Responses to “Hanson, The Veronicas in Nashville”

  1. Mickey Gousset October 7, 2008 at 6:31 am #

    Nice write up.

  2. popculturefairy October 7, 2008 at 10:35 am #

    Thank you!

  3. jen November 26, 2008 at 8:39 am #

    hi, i like that you’re giving credit to hanson by writing a great review of the show.

    however, i am a bit upset by your snide comments about the fans…the girls at that show probably, like me, grew up with hanson. we were the “teenyboppers,” and we loved them! i thought it was awesome to see these girls ELEVEN years after they probably started loving hanson still super excited about a great band.

    i just think that they/we don’t deserve to be poked fun at. i don’t necessarily think lust or desire was the pervading emotion overtaking these girls.

    for me, it was such a fun experience to be reminded of a previous time in my life-when the world was a simpler place, and a band (not a boyband!!) got mildly popular by singing innocent songs that didn’t promote teenage sex, hatred, etc. i wish my daughter (almost one year old) would be able to grow up with a band as great as hanson, but no…she’ll get things like “high school musical” and “hannah montana” who value being someone other than who they truly are. by the way-these opinions are not religiously based, so i’m not a nazi-christian or anything.

    sorry to vent, i was just surfing around wondering if anyone had any pictures from the show b/c i forgot my camera and would like to have a memento-then i found a soap box. sorry!

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