What’s Going On – Dylan, ‘Greek,’ ‘Repo!’

30 Sep

How do I know The Raconteurs show last night was possibly THE best live concert I’ve ever seen?

Usually the day after a show, I can’t wait to listen to the band again, to kind of relive the night. But this morning, I wouldn’t dare turn on any of my Raconteurs music on my iPod…because none of their recorded music could ever possibly beat the live music they made last night. It was amazing.

I’ll write a review after lunch! First – news!

  • You can stream Bob Dylan’s “Tell Tale Signs” on NPR.
  • WTFrak? Kevin Costner has a country band? And they’re releasing a CD? And touring? hmmm.
  • For those of you who can’t wait for “Repo! The Genetic Opera,” the soundtrack is available for download. I totally can’t wait for that movie…I think. 🙂
  • Thursday has signed with Epitaph, which will release the band’s new album next year.

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