What’s Going On – Paisley tour, MySpace news, new CDs

10 Sep

Uggh – this has been “one of those days” already!

Allow me to rant!

A random bunch of stuff around my house has stopped working (some of it brand-new!), and now, my left earbud of my headphones is out. I can get sound to come through it if I hold it a certain way, but otherwise, it’s useless.

Can’t say I had a restful night, either. I don’t have The CW (come on, Comcast – a zillion sports channels but no wimpy little CW? COME ON!!), but I’ve watched “Supernatural” here and there at my parents’. I bought Season 1 a few weeks back. I finished it last night, and I just assumed it would end all nice and clean like – a lot of first seasons have a nice, clean ending, just in case the show isn’t picked up for a second season. BUT NO!! “Supernatural” ends with a totally huge wreck, and John and Dean were already seriously injured to being with…yeah. I freaked out. Cried a little even. I called my mom first thing this morning and she’s offered to tell me what happens after it…but I guess I’ll just go buy season 2. Eek…

The only thing making this blah day thatmuch better is “Too Too Too Fast” by Ra Ra Riot. I LOVE this song. If you love, oh, I don’t know, birds in the trees and rollerskates and the 80s and bright lights and everything that is good in the world, you’ll love this song. If this song was a presidential candidate I’d totally vote for it. Bless it, it even sounds good through one earbud.

Oh! Another thing I wanted to mention. Yesterday I met the lovely folks of Blackjack Road for an upcoming story in Scene. The band was a delight, and, just as good was the tea I got at the Strange Brew Coffeehouse. You’ve GOT to get their Mint Green Iced Tea or their High Mountain Black Tea. Both are heavenly. And be sure to check out the tunes Blackjack Road has on its MySpace page. I’m sweet on “I’m Gone.”

OK. Enough of my ranting and raving…

  • Billboard is also reporting Tupelo as a stop for the new Brad Paisley tour. It’s reported that Dierks Bentley and Darius Rucker are opening.
  • Want to check out Jenny Lewis’ new album before you go see her at The Lyric Oxford later this month? Her new album is streaming on her MySpace page.

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