Just a reminder

7 Sep

Hey Scene readers,

Just wanted to remind you all of the house rules. I’m super-happy with lots of discussion on here – geez, it gets boring with just ME on here all the time! 🙂 – but please be respectful of everyone else here.

I know I get kinda riled up about that sometimes, but I have a reason for being that way.

If you don’t mind, let me explain why I’m so particular about that…

OK, most of us work, what, at least 40 hours a week? Not that much, really, in the grand scheme of things, but for most of us it feels like we don’t have a lot of time to ourselves, for our families and friends, etc.

So when we spend that personal time listening to music, watching a TV show or reading comic books, that makes those albums, shows and books personal. Art and entertainment draw out our feelings and sometimes even challenge our views on the world.

Maybe it’s that old Beatles song that comforts you when you’re down.
Maybe it’s the “Ghostbusters” movies that still make you laugh, no matter how many times you see them.
Maybe it’s getting your mind blown, yet again, by reading “Watchmen.”

We let these albums, movies, shows, books, etc., into our personal lives, into our personal feelings. So, being a fan of these things says a lot about who we are as people.

Some of us go so far in identifying with it all that we use this pop culture to identify ourselves; we call ourselves Trekkies, Browncoats or Twilighters.

That’s why I get a little rattled when I see people, anywhere, hate on each other for their personal tastes in art/entertainment. I’d rather see people discuss the good/bad qualities about the book, movie, band, etc. in question rather than just saying some blanket statement like, “All (band name here) fans are lame!” Discuss the topic, not fellow commenters/the topic’s fans/whatever else.

Bottomline: This stuff is personal. Discuss the topic, but don’t hate on someone for their personal taste.

And if I didn’t make that clear at all, just read Nick Hornby’s “High Fidelity.”

OK, enough ranting from me today. 🙂

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