What’s Going On – ‘Dr. Horrible,’ ‘Twilight,’ Ludacris

2 Sep

Happy mostly-post-Gustav, Scene cats!

It’s a merry Tuesday, mostly for two reasons: 1) My bff rode out the storm and is totally cool, and 2) the “Dr. Horrible” soundtrack is on iTunes (click here for lyrics/liner notes)! Whee!

How did you spend the holiday weekend?

I finished up the second season of “Dexter” (WOW..amazing…talk about it in comments if you’d like) and did some shopping. Watched half of “From Here to Eternity,” so I’m eager to finish that.

  • “Twilight” fans may have to wait a while to read “Midnight Sun.”
  • Doesn’t anybody have an original idea anymore? Now they’re remaking “Poltergeist.” Seriously, what’s so wrong with the original?

2 Responses to “What’s Going On – ‘Dr. Horrible,’ ‘Twilight,’ Ludacris”

  1. Mickey Gousset September 2, 2008 at 10:38 pm #

    My wife is currently reading Twilight. She likes it, but says the writing is a little simplistic. Of course, it is written for teenagers. I’ll probably give it a go when she gets done.

    Just got done watching the season premier of The Shield. Finally, the best show on television is back!

  2. sheenabarnett September 3, 2008 at 9:03 am #

    Yeah…”Twilight” is WAY simplistic, and WAY anti-feminist…I have a lot of problems with it. At the same time, I’m a sucker (no pun intended) for any kind of vampire/supernatural story, so I love that angle.

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