What’s Going On – DMB, ‘Dexter,’ ‘Veronica Mars’

20 Aug

Sorry I’m getting this so late to y’all today but I’ve spent all morning in Oxford.

The Lyric Oxford will be the cover story for Scene’s Aug. 28 issue. It was my first time to visit, and I really liked the feel of it. I hope the owners take this as a compliment, but it reminded me of the Bronze, the club in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” There’s a nice, big stage, lots of room to hang out, a balcony. Nix the cute chairs and tables as well as the pool tables, and you’ve got something kind of similar to the Lyric Oxford. Large and roomy, yet very cozy. The building has a really cool history, so be sure to read next week’s Scene to learn more.

Got to mention some “Dexter”-y goodness here. I don’t have Showtime, so I started the show’s second season last night. Holy Doakes, Batman, what a good episode! I’m already freaking out!

For fun, take this “Dexter’s Psycho Therapy” quiz. It figures out your “killer instinct.” Perhaps I should be worried – it says my “killer instinct” is at 100 percent. “Your responses indicate that you have fully-fledged killer instincts. Dexter would be proud.” Uh-oh!!

  • Leroi Moore, who played saxophone for the Dave Matthews Band, has died.
  • “Dark Knight” spoiler: Did Harvey Dent/”Two Face” live or die? MTV has the answer.

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