What’s Going On – ‘Fringe,’ ‘Iron Man’ DVD, ‘Nashville Star’

11 Aug

Wow, y’all. Rough weekend.

First Bernie Mac, then Issac Hayes. It’s still unbelievable. Of course, now people are talking about what will happen to “Soul Men,” the film starring Mac, Hayes and Samuel L. Jackson. Technically the film is done, but we’ll see how it goes.

In other weekend news – how was yours? Did you watch any of the Olympics? As usual, I watched the Opening Ceremony (which was amazing), and I’ll probably watch different games as I catch them.

Also, I finally finished “Breaking Dawn.” Man, I’m completely 50/50 on it. Some parts were brilliant, others were…not so much. If you want to discuss, leave a comment. Otherwise, I’m not sure I should write a review – by now everyone’s discussed it enough so my two cents aren’t worth much. 🙂


  • After the “Battlestar Galactica” series finale, Sci-Fi will air a two-hour special.

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