Fashion: Nail polish

14 Jul

After the Fourth of July, all the stores go into autumn mode. Out are the cute tanks, in are the cuddly sweaters. We all know summer really lasts into November here in the South, but summer hues really seem to die past Labor Day.

In honor of our remaining summer days, today we’re talking summer nail polishes (thanks to Carlie at Biz Buzz for the idea:)).

Click “keep reading” to see some of my favorite colors and brands, and we’ll talk safe-for-work colors.


Every season OPI unleashes a gorgeous new collection for us nail polish lovers. This year’s spring/summer collection is “India,” and it’s full of gorgeous reds, pinks and even some blue and purple. Pictured is the bright hue Curry Up Don’t Be Late!
Safe for work? Sure. Some bosses may not approve of the blue, though (I was actually told when I started at Scene that blue was a no-no, but I’ve done it anyway – I know, I’m a rebel).
Price and where to find it: Usually about $8 for a bottle, and at salons.

Nic’s Sticks

Speaking of OPI, Nicole by OPI has a new product called Nic’s Sticks. It’s nail polish in a stick that you simply brush on. I bought Form One Lime, and I loved the color – very light, shimmery and summery. I didn’t like the brush, though, and I only used it once.
But as a bonus, you can go to the Web site and see how the colors would look on you. Very helpful.
As with any other brand, choose lighter shades for a summer look.
Safe for work? Depends on how much your boss cares about lime green nails. But there are all kinds of shades, so you can choose something a little more safe, like classic reds or pinks.
Price and where to find them: About $6 and at any drug store.

Glitter and shimmer

Pick a color and you can almost certainly find it with some glitter or shimmer. And glitter makes everything feel like summer.
I just bought a gold glitter color called “Dazzle” by Rimmel (60 Second Vinyl Shine). And, yes, it’s as completely tacky as it sounds, but that’s why I love it – it’s super-fun.
And now I’m eyeing Double Platinum (pictured) from Sephora brand (my bff Hannah’s pick for nail polishes).
Safe for work? I think so long as it’s a safe-for-work color or very sheer, it could work. Don’t go overboard.
Cost and where to find it: You can go as cheap or expensive as you want. Rimmel shades are as cheap as $2 and can be found at drugstores; Sephora’s are $6 and can be bought at; and pricier shades are probably closer to $10 and are at salons or online.
I say go for the pricier lines. Some cheap polishes with glitter may look shimmery in the bottle but turn out dull on your nails – which just looks cheap. Fun, sure, but cheap.


I’m a serious advocate of black nail polish. It’s something that never goes out of style. It looks ultra sleek and stylish, and it speaks volumes so you don’t have to. It transcends summer.
For a very basic black, I really like Rimmel’s Black Satin. But when glitter and black come together, I’m in heaven (go figure). My favorite glittery black shade is OPI’s My Private Jet (pictured). It’s a very very dark gray with rainbow glitter. Gorgeous!
Safe for work? In my mind it is – again, I see it as very chic. Black looks best on short, well-kept nails, which keeps it from getting just weird-looking. Again, though, check with ye olde boss.
Cost and where to find it: Again – from as cheap as you’d like, and at drugstores, and to as expensive as you’d like, and at online shops and salons.

Another shade I like – that I haven’t bought in a while, so I can’t find a good example – is nude. I used to wear nude colors a lot as a sheer or with glitter, which keeps the shade from being boring. But they are the most safe-for-work shade, and to me they look very classy and elegant.

I have to admit, as an entertainment writer I’ve got it pretty easy – I can get away with wearing black, glitter or bright shades to work. Even if your employer doesn’t love your shade, think of it this way: if you wear a really fun and funky color, it’s a great ice breaker!

The bottom line: Go with what says “you.”
Shimmers and glitters help pump up the fun factor.
Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors. Besides, it all comes off with remover.

What are your favorite shades or brands? Share the wealth!

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  1. hannahdonegan July 14, 2008 at 10:43 pm #

    I want all of them. NOW!

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