Words from Warped Tour

10 Jul

Eds Note: Neighbors editor Bobby Pepper is blogging at Scene Now from Warped Tour.


Wednesday’s Warped tour stop in Atlanta was the fourth for me, my daughter Samantha and her friend Kaylee Watson. Joseph Nichols, another friend, came along for his second Warped. For me, Warped has become my one-day break from my classic rock frame of mind to hear the rock kids enjoy today.

I want to post some photos and videoclips from some of the performances. But so-called “high speed” wireless Internet at the motel we’re staying has a very weak signal, so I’ll have to wait until I return home later today before uploading those for your viewing pleasure.

Comparing this Warped to the previous three, I would say it was one of the best. There were a good mix of acts spread out over the eight stages around the Lakewood Amphitheater site.

Here’s a quick list of act that impressed me: From First To Last, Everytime I Die, Cobra Starship, As I Lay Dying, Katy Perry, Horrorpops, The Academy Is… and two Atlanta area-based bands, Family Force 5 and Norma Jean. The kids in our group also gave good reviews to, among others, Relient K, Forever the Sickest Kids and Anberlin.

Warped brings out the best in music fans who love mosh and circle pits and crowd surfing. I almost got too up close and personal with a wild mosh pit while watching the band that gets my award for best name: Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. I was in front of the stage and the pit started up, so I got my camera out to record a videoclip of it. The pit began to widen and I got caught up in the bashing of bodies for about five seconds until I squeezed my way out of it. It’s fun to see how close I can get to a mosh or circle pit without being trampled.

Afterwards, I shared my mosh pit escape tale with other people like myself from the 8-track generation who sought refuge in the Reverse Daycare tent (a place for parents to chill out while the kids are moshing and crowd surfing). We all agreed Warped is a great way to enjoy live music just like we did in our youth and spend quality time with our children.

I’ll work on uploading those photos in a few hours. Now it’s time to wake up three worn out teenagers and load them up for the trip home.

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