What’s Going On – NoiseTrade.com, Sherlock, ‘Idol’

10 Jul

Happy Thursday!

Today’s like my Friday, so I’m definitely ready to hurry this day up so I can start my weekend. *yawn* On top of losing sleep, I’m starting to feel a little sickly, so really I want to lay around the house, watch hours of “Six Feet Under” and eat more of my strawberry cheesecake. Yum.

*Yawn again* Here are your newsy bits.

  • Curious about what Taylor Hicks is up to since being dropped from his label? MTV caught up with the former “American Idol” winner.
  • Click here to find out about some new shows coming to the Biography Channel.
  • Apparently coffins are the way to go – Metallica’s new album will come in a coffin case.

Here’s a pretty cool Web site you might enjoy: NoiseTrade.com. The site offers new albums by emerging or lesser-known artists, and you can either pay what you want or get it for free by telling three friends. If you pay, 90 percent of it goes to the artist.

One Response to “What’s Going On – NoiseTrade.com, Sherlock, ‘Idol’”

  1. hannahdonegan July 10, 2008 at 3:16 pm #

    Bless you, Metallica; Bless you.

    I am crazy excited for this album.

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