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What’s Going On – Singles Club, Pumpkins, ‘FNL’

9 Jul

Merry Wednesday!

Apologies for getting this up so late! I spent the morning at my old stomping grounds – the Student Media Center at Ole Miss – and since getting back I’ve jetted off to lunch and meetings. Eek!

But of course I can never forget about my absolutely adorable Scene cats. 🙂

  • Former Northeast Mississippi Community College student Jonathan Singleton, his co-writers and Gary Allan were honored by ASCAP. Singleton helped write “Watching Airplanes.”
  • Join the Singles Club with me! For a year’s membership fee, you get a single form a Sub Pop artist – on vinyl. Woot!
  • Two characters on “Friday Night Lights” (Smash and Jason) will only be recurring characters next year.
  • will have shows like “Angel,” “Firefly,” “Veronica Mars” and “Roswell” for the site’s launch.
  • CMT has a big update on all things Toby Keith, especially his new movie and CD.