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In the Arena, 7/4

3 Jul


Happy Fourth of July! In honor of our nation’s birthday, this week’s blog focuses on my favorite American bands. With apologies to Grand Funk Railroad, here are my top all-American bands (in no particular order, I might add).

THE REPLACEMENTS – Regular readers of my blog aren’t surprised by this choice. Their albums “Let It Be,” “Tim,” and “Pleased To Meet Me” (which was recorded in Memphis) are three of my favorites of all time.

THE GRATEFUL DEAD – I can’t say that I’m a true Deadhead (that would be my wife), but the band was an American institution. I wish I could tell you about the time I saw them in New Orleans, but the memories are quite fuzzy. I do remember members of the Neville Brothers and the Bangles (!?!) appearing on stage that night. Rest in peace, Jerry.

AEROSMITH – One of the best rock bands ever. I’m not a huge fan of their recent (1989 on) material, but the seventies classics like “Dream On”, “Sweet Emotion”, and “Draw The Line” are phenomenal. Oh, and their Guitar Hero game is pretty cool as well. If only I could beat my daughter’s high scores…

WEEZER – Their latest album isn’t their best (it’s hard to top the blue album, “Pinkerton” or “Maladroit”), but “Pork & Beans” is a great rock song.

VAN HALEN – Only the David Lee Roth years qualify. Dave could get cheesy (see most of “Diver Down” and his entire solo career), but he was the perfect frontman for the band. And “Fair Warning” is one of the most underrated albums ever.

NIRVANA – The band that killed hair metal (thank goodness!). If only Kurt Cobain were still around.

PEARL JAM – Sometimes Eddie Vedder gets a little too political for my tastes, but their output in the nineties was excellent.

THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND – From Duane Allman to Warren Haynes to Derek Trucks, this band has featured some of the best guitar players in the history of rock. Still a great live band.

That’s my list. Remember this was bands only, so solo acts like Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, and Prince weren’t eligible. I’m also quite certain I left someone out, but I really need to get back to my regular job as arena director. Speaking of my regular job, the Mudcats continue their quest for a championship this Saturday, July 5, at 7 p.m. Have a happy Fourth of July and hopefully I’ll see you at Saturday’s game.

Now’s your turn. Let me know who your favorite American bands are! Who knows, maybe we can get them to play here at some point in the future…

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Sugarland makes return trip to Tupelo

3 Jul

Just got the word in from the great and powerful Todd Hunt – Sugarland is coming back to the BancorpSouth Arena Oct. 23!

Kellie Pickler and Ashton Shepherd will open.

Still waiting on word for ticket price and on-sale date.

We’ll let you know when we get more information.

What’s Going On – ‘Dark Knight,’ Sugarland, new CDs

3 Jul

Happy day before the Fourth, loves!

Do y’all have any big Fourth of July plans?

I’m sure I’ll spend the Fourth with my parents in Pontotoc, and we’ll probably cook out. Tonight I’ll be at home making a peach cheesecake while watching “Casablanca.” (sounds like heaven to me)

As for the rest of the weekend, my mom and I are looking for tickets to see Al Green and Gladys Knight in Tunica. (hmm, also sounds like heaven to me)

Hope you all have a fabulous Fourth!

Here are some newsy bits:

  • Denis Leary and Julia Louis-Dreyfus will guest star on the next season of “The Simpsons.”
  • Want to hear the new Dandy Warhols album before it hits shelves in August? Click here to find out how.
  • Old Crow Medicine Show will drop a new album in September.

Scene Picks

3 Jul

As if you don’t know what’s going on this weekend!

  • No matter where you live, there will be plenty of Fourth of July celebrations going on. Today’s Scene tells you about that, as does the Daily Journal. will also help you out.
  • The third annual Hill Country Picnic has the biggest line-up ever this year. With terrific acts like Shannon McNally, Burnside Exploration with Luther Dickinson and Kenny Brown, you won’t want to miss this year. Scene can tell you all about it!
  • “Wall-E” won over both M. Scott Morris and Paul Stone. See if it can capture your heart; it’s at theaters this weekend.
  • There are lots of workshops coming up this summer. From filmmaking to dance training to art camp, Scene can tell you about all of them.
  • Musician’s Playground in Tupelo is hopping this week. The Embrace plays this Saturday, while The Nightlife plays Tuesday.
  • The Lyric Oxford has a huge line-up for the Fourth: John Barrett’s Bass Drum of Death, Dent May, Night Lights and more will heat up the brand-new venue.
  • Mugshots in Starkville will host Weston Smith tonight and Jamie Davis on the Fourth.