What’s Going On – ‘Idol,’ ‘The Office,’ Lily Allen

1 Jul

Morning, my lovelies.

Last night was super-fun – I got My Chemical Romance’s “The Black Parade is Dead!” set a day early. I paid extra for the big wooden coffin (geez! I didn’t know it was THAT big!) and a mask designed by one of the band members. No one seems to have figured out which band member designed which mask, although the debate is raging at MyChemicalFreak, an MCR fansite run by a girl from Northeast Mississippi. I highly recommend her site if you’re a fan.

Anyways, if you’re super sweet, I’ll write a review of the set for you. Don’t worry – even though I’m a huge MCR fan, I’m still looking at this thing objectively. 🙂

Let me watch the Jersey show tonight and you’ll get a review soon, I promise.

On to newsy bits!

  • And, yes, that “Arrested Development” movie is on.

Check back later this week to find out who is the Local Band of the Week!!

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