What’s Going On – ‘Dr. Horrible,’ Bond, ‘Umbrella Academy’

30 Jun

Ugh, it really feels like a Monday today, eh? I’m listening to Jeff Buckley today hoping he’ll chase away my Monday blues..

  • Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” will hit the Internet in the middle of July. After that, it’ll be available to download, and after that, it’ll be released on DVD. Whee!
  • Gerard Way’s “Umbrella Academy” could be turned into a movie. (Also exciting MCR-related news: “The Black Parade is Dead” set drops tomorrow!)
  • And if there’s anyone else in the world who adores Joss Whedon and Gerard Way as much as I do (and if such a person exists, please let me know — the Whedon-Way temple is lonely with just me in it), you’ll be happy to hear about the new Dark Horse Presents. It’ll include some extra Umbrella Academy and Dr. Horrible stuff. Woot!
  • Billboard has an exclusive story on Miley Cyrus’ new CD, due out in July.
  • They’re making a “300” sequel, but dude, if Gerard Butler’s not involved, I’m not sure I will be, either.
  • This is pretty rad – members of Waylon Jennings’ band have formed a tribute band.

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