Local Band of the Week: Killjay

23 Jun

This week’s Local Band of the Week has been a good friend of Scene’s since the beginning. They’ve showed Scene some love, so show this band some love.

Mark Clingan – Lead Vocals
Jeremy Griffin (Jerm) – Bass
Joe Redbeard – Guitar
Crizzy Long – Guitar
(Currently auditioning drummers)

HOMETOWN: North Mississippi
WHEN DID YOU FORM: The Summer of 2001
: Hard Rock
EXPLAIN THE BAND’S NAME: Misuderstood Lyrics from a Slipknot song
BAND WEB SITE: Killjay’s MySpace


What inspires your original music?
Life, emotions, beer, etc.

There are plenty of rock bands in the Northeast Mississippi area. What makes your band different?
Killjay has been described by some as the Black Sabbath of North Mississippi. We’ve been around for almost a decade and we were one of the first to bring our style of music to this area. We enjoy doing what we do. We don’t necessarily have an agenda or some unrealistec goal that we are trying to reach. We don’t try to be something we’re not. We just want to play good music and have a good time.

What’s your live show like?

A huge party that you wont forget.

What are you currently working on?
We are currenlty auditioning drummers. We have a good friend who is filling in for us on drums for our shows, but our main focus is finding a permanent member to put behind the kit. We’re always writing new material. We released an EP with five songs a few months back to tide everyone over and give them a taste of the new stuff but we’re looking forward to finishing up our next full blown album.

Where do you see the band in 10 years?
Well the last ten years (or close to it) have been pretty fun. A lot of ups and downs but a lot of good times and great memories. I guess another ten years of the same would be fine with us.

Parting shot – We have several shows in the works but no dates have been nailed down at this time. On that note I encourage everyone to check our MySpace site frequently as shows tend to pop up sporadically.

Another item worth mentioning is that Killjay is currently one of the six finalists in MTV’s “Addicted to Noise” and were featured on www.mtv.com.

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