Local Band of the Week: Uncertain Future

2 Jun

Welcome to a new feature here at Scene Now.

Local Band of the Week will focus on a band that’s from the North Mississippi area.

Our first one is Uncertain Future.


Uncertain Future’s Jake Wood (photo by Ashley Young)


Band members: Jake Wood (Guitar, bass, vocals) and Rob Holley (Drums)
Past members: Joseph Moore (Drums), Jason King (Drums)
Hometown: Tupelo
Together since: January 2007
Genre of music: Punk/Alternative/Rock
Web site: Uncertain Future’s MySpace page

Explain the band name:
The inspiration behind the name Uncertain Future comes from the way I feel about my life sometimes. Pretty much trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. It started out as an idea and a song and it turned into the name of the band. I don’t want people to think of it as “no future” or anything negative. I want the music of the band to be positive and optimistic.

What inspires your original music?:
Musicial influences to name a few would be Social Distortion, Uniform Choice, The Misfits, Metallica, Agent Orange, Minor Threat, Sham 69, lots of 50’s Rockabilly music, 70’s and 80’s punk/underground bands, lots of local bands from around the Tupelo area, etc. Also life in general and girls are big influences 🙂

What’s your live show like?:
Most of the time it’s just Rob and myself as a two piece. Sometimes I do play acoustic solo gigs as well. In the studio it’s Rob on drums and myself handling vocals, guitar and bass playing and some piano as well sometimes.

What are you currently working on?:
Right now I’m writing some new songs. We might put out a new EP eventually. Right now we have a six-song demo EP for sale and tracks on our MySpace page. Hopefully in the next few months the new songs will be recorded and put out there. I would like to get our music on iTunes one day too.

Where do you see the band in 10 years?:
Probably playing small clubs and maybe every once in awhile a bigger scale show at a mid-sized venue opening for someone. It would be awesome to be around 10 years from now still writing good music. I don’t know if we’ll be a legendary band or anything but maybe we’ll be an inspiration to someone.

What’s your next live show?:
We have shows coming up: Friday May 30th Tupelo @ The Musician’s Playground
Friday June 27th Tupelo @ The Musician’s Playground
Wednsday July 2nd Tupelo @ The Musician’s Playground.
All of those should start around 7 p.m. and admission should be between $5-$7.

Parting shot: Thank you to everyone who has helped us out over the years either by listening to the music, coming to gigs, buying merch, etc…. It means a lot. –Jake

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