What’s Going On – T.I., ‘Twilight,’ Flash Gordon

28 May

Merry Wednesday, my dear Scene cats…

  • Earle Hagen – better known as the guy who wrote and whistled the “Andy Griffith Show” theme – has died.
  • Leave it to MTV to make community service look glam: They’ve ordered a reality show that follows T.I. as he repays his debt to society.
  • Speaking of MTV, that channel always finds a way to make me watch its award shows. Why will I be watching this year’s Movie Awards? They promise to show the first fully completed scene from “Twilight” sometime during the broadcast. OK, OK, I’ll watch!!
    And the channel has announced “‘Twilight’ Tuesdays,” where they’ll talk “Twilight” on, well, Tuesdays. Just don’t slip in any Tila Tequila and we’ll be good…
  • Want to know when your favorite FX shows will come back? Check out this story.
  • She & Him is going on tour…but the closest date is in Nashville.
  • The lead singer of Alabama, Randy Owen, is releasing a solo CD.

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