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What’s Going On – Homemade Jamz, ACM, new CDs

19 May

Happy Monday, my dears…

  • Here are some winners from last night’s ACM awards. But Kenny Chesney is miffed that the fans chose this year’s entertainer of the year – and he won the award!
  • Join me in the happy dance – the magnificent Brian Wilson has a new CD coming out in September.

Confessions of a Quarter-life Crisis

19 May

Editor’s note: I wrote this column about a week before I turned 25 on May 6.
It was the result of many, many conversations – both in person and over Facebook and MySpace – I had with one of my very good friends, Crissy. We’re both turning 25 this year and we’ve both been a little anxious about it.
I thought this column would run on my birthday, but instead it was supposed to run a week later. Then, after my editor read it, she said it sounded “depressing” – so I wrote the less-depressing column that ran last Tuesday (you’ll notice similarities between last week’s column and this one).
Anyway, today is Crissy’s turn to celebrate a quarter-century birthday. So, in honor of her birthday, here is my original column and a playlist, with both her contributions and my own. Enjoy…

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