What’s Going On – “X-Files,” “Days,” “Reaper”

13 May

Happy Tuesday, Scene cats.

  • Anyone else get the feeling that if “Days of Our Lives” was canceled, it would really wouldn’t be dead, it would just be buried alive like Marlena was that one time? Anyway. “Days” could be canceled, but Emmy noms could save it.
  • Anyone who missed my birthday and wants to make up for it – The Swell Season, Iron & Wine and Bill Callahan are touring (closest date: Nashville). OK – I’m mostly a Swell Season fan, but still…sounds like a good night anyway.
  • Want to see the Foxboro Hot Tubs? Me too. Closest tour date is Little Rock.
  • Color me confused: I thought “Reaper” and “Aliens in America” had been canceled, but now they’ve been renewed. Whatevs – not like I can watch either anyway.
  • Click here to stream records by Death Cab, Cherish and Jason Mraz.

Who’s your “American Idol” this year?

David Cook?
David Archuleta?
David Archuleta’s dad?

The top 3 – sans Daddy Dearest, thankfully – compete tonight on “American Idol.” Check back here for a recap!

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