Troll 2 and Documentary on Elvis Kick off Tupelo Film Festival

13 May

By Melanie Addington

Hello Scenesters! I am back this week to update you on the latest happenings at the Tupelo Film Festival. Although things don’t officially kick off until Thursday, you can catch some early action tonight and tomorrow night with special screenings. At 8 p.m. tonight the fest begins at Vanelli’s Restaurant with a special screening of everyone’s favorite worst film ever, Troll 2.

Tomorrow night from 6:30-9:30 you can see “Judge’s Works in the Spotlight” at the Lyric theater in downtown Tupelo. Three movies for a $1!

Elvis: Return to Tupelo


A 90-minute Documentary Special

Produced, written and directed by
Michael Rose
Producers Mimi Freedman, Roy Turner and Jim Palmer

Elvis Presley’s emergence on the musical scene represented a seismic shift in the culture wars over race, sex and class. The story of Elvis lies at the heart of a struggle that gives birth to a new form of music – rock ‘n’ roll. The Elvis phenomenon has its roots in his birthplace where Presley began a musical journey that would take him from the wrong side of the tracks in Tupelo through Memphis, Tenn., to worldwide iconic status. Using interviews and never-before-seen home movies, photographs, artifacts and recordings, this film concentrates on the pivotal period between Elvis’ birth and his triumphant homecoming concert in 1956.

Jacob Lawrence: An Intimate Portrait


Produced and Directed by Elvin Whitesides

This documentary features the artist reflecting on his personal experiences and the historic struggles which inspire his work. Jacob Lawrence’s journey is told through interviews with his wife and friends, noted artists and historians. Distributed by Homevision, this film is a top reseller on and is frequently screened at colleges, museums and public outreach venues. Because of the film’s positive influence, the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department used it for outreach to poor and at-risk youths. The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York placed it as a centerpiece for their latest Black History Month program.



The Sopranos was fiction. JerseyLand is Real.

Bridge and Tunnel, is a new 30-minute reality documentary program that focuses on the real people of New Jersey who are more real, raw and explosive then their fictional “Sopranos” brothers. Big hair, even bigger gold neck chains, gum chewing, obscenity-laden “good guys and gals.” The real stories of the real people of the Garden State like you have never seen them. Shocking, controversial, raw. The lives of these New Jerseyians portray the stories of people accelerated to a fever pitch by the time and place they live. It could only happen here. ONLY IN JERSEY!

Check back with me every night this week for live updates from the festival. If you are there, stop by and say hello! For reviews of several of the films and for the top ten must see, check out Oxfordfilmfreak.

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