“American Idol,” April 29

29 Apr

Strange night for “Idol.”

This week is Neil Diamond week. The contestants had to sing two songs, so the whole show felt rushed yet crazy boring. Maybe it’s just me — I have all the respect in the world for Sir Diamond but I can’t say I’m that big of a fan, so I wasn’t crazy about this night.

Speaking of a crazy night, Paula had a particularly bad show. Let me explain:

So, the contestants sang two songs, but only got comments from the judges after the SECOND song.
So, for the first round of songs, Jason sang, then David Cook, then Brooke, then David Archuleta and finally Syesha.
After the first round of songs by the contestants, Ryan asked the judges to give a very quick summation of how the first songs were (and they’d get a more in-depth commentary after their second songs). Randy went through them quickly and said things like “Jason — OK, David Cook — good, Brooke — karaoke” — you get the idea. But then Paula started to critique Jason’s first song — that was so far all that he had performed — and she started critiquing his second song…and we were still on the first round of songs. She was critiquing something she hadn’t even heard yet. The whole place went silent, and then finally you could hear the audience laughing nervously and she was corrected by Randy. Paula actually said she thought Jason sang twice. Finally Simon just started asking her, “Who did you like best, Paula?” like a hundred times, the way you’d ask a child. It was a complete disaster.
Probably didn’t help that later she called Syesha “Brooke.”

Poor Paula. I don’t know if she was honestly confused or what, but it made her look terrible. Bless her heart.

Anyway, on to the show.

Jason Castro sang “Forever in Blue Jeans” first and “September Morn” second. Both were plainly and simply OK — nothing crazy remarkable about either.
Randy said: They were just OK.
Paula said: He needs to get out of his comfort zone.
Simon said: He made no attempt to make the songs his own and both were forgettable.

David Cook sang “I’m Alive” and “All I Really Need is You.” As my mother pointed out, these songs aren’t huge Neil Diamond hits — so maybe David was smart to pick them, because it wouldn’t be quite so easy for everyone (except HUGE Diamond fans) to compare David’s version with the original. The first one felt bland but the second was better.
Randy said: He “rocked the house again.”
Paula said: She felt like she was already looking at the American Idol.
Simon said: The first one was OK; the second was brilliant.

Brooke White sang “I’m a Believer” and “I Am I Said.” “I’m a Believer” was a total disaster. She sounded horrible. But she totally made up for it with “I Am I Said,” which was great. She even changed a few lyrics to fit her life, which Diamond suggested.
Randy said: “I Am I Said” is a tough song to sing and she did a nice job.
Paula said: Everyone loves who she is.
Simon said: He really hated the first one (he first called it a “nightmare”) but the second song was much better, but not incredible.

David Archuleta sang “Sweet Caroline” first, followed by “America.” Maybe Little Bit is starting to get to me but I wasn’t much a fan of either — although I think his vocals on “America” may have been a little better.
Randy said: He’s “definitely in the zone.”
Paula said: His voice is on-point and he’s brilliant.
Simon said: “America” was a smart song choice.

Syesha sang “Hello Again,” which was pretty, and “Thank the Lord for the Nighttime.” She had a lot of fun with her second song.
Randy said: She finally realized who she is.
Paula said: Her vulnerable side in “Hello Again” was beautiful, as was her theatrical side in “Thank the Lord.”
Simon said: She’s a good actress but she may be in trouble because he didn’t think the second song was memorable.

So, who’s going home? Jason, Brooke and Syesha in the bottom three, for sure. Actually going home, though? Jason probably should, but I’m guessing it’s Syesha.

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