What’s Going On – Davis, Idol, Film fest, fashion

24 Apr

Happy Thursday, my dears…

  • Here are the dates for the upcoming “American Idol” tour. Looks like you’ll have to hike to Georgia, Florida or Texas if you live in NeMiss.
  • Can’t go to Coachella? Join the club. But you can watch portions of it here.
  • I’d say this went wrong – a car being used in the new James Bond movie wound up in a lake. (again, Melanie, you’re a star!)

Your fashion tip o’ the week: Last night I spent a while on Bustedtees.com. Yesterday – and yesterday only, unfortunately – every shirt was on sale for $12. I bought two – a “Saved by the Bell” inspired tee and, what I’m super-excited about, a Beets T-shirt (I’m such a 90s kid). I came thisclose to buying that Jesse & the Rippers shirt, but I opted for my other two.

Anyways. Now they have a new sale, where they feature 12 T-shirts on sale for $12. The T-shirts change by week, so check back til you find one you like

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