“American Idol,” April 22

22 Apr

First of all, non-“Idol” related biz — Paul Thorn is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight! Don’t forget to watch.

OK! On to “Idol.”

This week Andrew Lloyd Webber was the guest mentor, so it was Broadway night. Even Randy said at the beginning this would be the toughest night of competition.

The band was expanded to an orchestra section, too.

Syesha Mercado went first, singing “One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many” from “Starlight Express.” Her vocal was good but not perfect, but her performance was great. She looked like she was having a blast.
Randy said: It was her best performance to date and she could be a huge Broadway Star.
Paula said: She brought the house down in the beginning (like Webber thought she would).
Simon said: It was very sexy; not necessarily her best performance so far but she showed “masses of personality.”

Jason Castro sang “Memory” from “Cats.” He actually said, “I didn’t know a cat sang it.”
Randy said: “It was a little bit of a trainwreck.”
Paula said: He put his influence in it and made it into a pop ballad.
Simon said: It came over as a young guy forced to sing this song by his parents and it wasn’t his style of music.

Brooke White sang “You Must Love Me” from “Evita.” She started, but then forgot the words and asked to re-start. I was in her corner til then. I took dance lessons for 16 years, and the No. 1 lesson I got out of that was to never stop. Even if you mess up, keep going – NEVER ask to re-start. The rest of the song was pretty painful. Oh Brooke, you’ve been so great up until now…
Randy said: It wasn’t great.
Paula said: She must never stop and start, but, she didn’t try to overact the song.
Simon said: The starting over totally threw off the rest of the performance, and it became uncomfortable.

David Archuleta did a singer-songwriter version of “Think of Me” from “The Phantom of the Opera.” OK, my mom and I are HUGE “Phantom” fans, so at first we were a little leery of this. But it actually worked beautifully. I’m back in Lil Bit’s corner.
Randy said: It was the bomb and he’s the one to beat.
Paula said: He took a risk and was able to turn it into a pop ballad.
Simon said: It was pleasant but forgettable.

Carly Smithson sang “Jesus Christ Superstar.” This was another great performance. What I loved about it was that it seemed completely effortless, like she’d sang that song a million times before just as easily.
Randy said: It was definitely good.
Paula said: She loved the choruses.
Simon said: It was a little shouty in the middle but one of his favorite performances of the night.

David Cook sang “Music of the Night” from “The Phantom of the Opera.” He sang it pretty normally until that last note, which he screamed.
Randy said: It was an “amazing vocal performance.”
Paula said: It proves he’s well-rounded as a performer and he has a beautiful instrument.
Simon said: It wasn’t a side of David he liked, but he made the most of the song he was given.

Bottom three? Brooke, Jason, Syesha (even though I liked her performance). Normally I’d say, it’s Syesha’s turn to go home, but Brooke’s performance was so bad, I think she’ll go.

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