What’s Going On – House rules, Thorn, Crue

16 Apr

Happy Wednesday, Scene cats.

Before we get into any more fun, I wanted to address something.

I’ve had a couple of folks ask me if there are any “house rules” for Scene Now. In other words – what do we do if someone posts something defamatory? Will we really let a poster attack another poster, based simply on their taste in music?

So I created “house rules.” The tab to see these rules is just below the Scene Now title, to the right of our “About” page. Please make yourself familiar with the rules before you post.

And, this isn’t necessarily a rule, but just a general guideline – try, please, to refrain from general snarkiness or passive-aggressive posts. We all like different types of entertainment and art, so don’t disrespect someone else’s taste. I want this blog to be a place where we can celebrate our favorite TV shows, movies or music – not bash each other for what we like. Debate is fine, but no attacking. Capice?

OK – now that the “official” business is over, let’s have some fun…

  • Put it on your calendar: Tupelo’s Paul Thorn will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live next Tuesday (April 22).
  • The hip-hop record Bill Cosby produced and co-wrote – but doesn’t rap on – will be released in the next few weeks.
  • Entertainment Weekly has a look at the new “Hulk” movie.

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