“American Idol,” April 15

15 Apr

Tonight was Mariah Carey night on “Idol.”

Anybody else feeling that this year’s themes are a little…off? It’s not that I don’t like Mariah — there’s definitely no one else like her.  But none of these themes have really shown off the contestants’ skills, IMHO.  I’d rather see pop night, country night, rock night, etc. Anyway…

David “Lil Bit” Archuleta was up first, singing “When You Believe.” It was basically Archuleta being Archuleta — nothing new, nothing exciting.
Randy said: If you can sing, you can sing anything, and David can sing anything. “That was the bomb.”
Paula said: He made Mariah proud.
Simon said: It was very, very good.

Carly Smithson sang “Without You.” I wasn’t crazy about it, but I like her a little more as the weeks go on.
Randy said: She challenged herself and it was “pretty good.”
Paula said: She liked how Carly showed vocal restraint and then “soared.”
Simon said: “Did you pull it off? I don’t think you did.” He said she overthinks it and gets wound up.

Syesha Mercado sang “Vanishing.” Like Lil Bit, this was Syesha being Syesha.
Randy said: She “did a good job, all things considered.”
Paula said: She was extremely smart for picking that song.
Simon said: Technically she was very, very good, but he wasn’t sure it was smar to pick a song few people know.

Brooke White sang “Hero” with her piano.
Randy said: He appreciated the singer-songwriter vibe and it was “pretty good.”
Paula said: The unplugged vibe was very brave.
Simon said: “It was a bit like ordering a hamburger and just getting the bun” — it was lacking a “vital part.”

Kristy Lee Cook sang “Forever,” but kind of with a country twang.
Randy said: It was a little pitchy but she stepped it up at the end.
Paula said: She was blown away and loved the country arrangement.
Simon said: It didn’t give him chills (because Mariah said Kristy gave her chills) and she “managed with what she could.”

David Cook did a totally emo version of “Always Be My Baby.” Everyone (including my mom, strangely enough) thought it was brilliant…I’m still scratching my head…
Randy said: It was the most brilliant performance of the year.
Paula said: This song could be on a movie soundtrack.
Simon said: While the rest of the night sounded like “karaoke hell,” David’s performance was daring and the sign of a great potential artist.

Jason Castro sang “I Don’t Wanna Cry.” I thought his vocals were great, but he totally could’ve done without the, as Randy described it, luau feeling.
Randy said: It felt like a “weird beach luau” and he didn’t get it.
Paula said: She would’ve loved to have been at that luau listening to him all night.
Simon said: It wasn’t the best vocal but it was identifiable and was a cool version of the song.

My picks to go home? Hmm..the girls aren’t looking good tonight, are they? I forgot about Brooke after the show, so she might be in the bottom three. I forgot what Carly sang early on, so that’s not good either. I think those two are for sure in the bottom three, and then either Syesha or Kristy Lee to round it out. As for who’s going home…gosh, after Michael Johns last week, it’s anybody’s guess. 

One Response to ““American Idol,” April 15”

  1. amy April 16, 2008 at 5:40 pm #

    David Cook was totally awesome last night!!! He had my heart melting in the first part of the song, and then by the end, i was rockin’ out a little bit!!! As soon as he was done singing, i phoned my good friend, and she didnt even say “Hey”; but instead when she picked up the phone she says “THAT WAS HOTT!” I was laughing my butt off, i dont know what it is about him, but he has my 1000 votes every week! As for tonight, I think that Kristy Cook will be going home, or it could be Syesha…But you are right, After last week, its anyones guess. Until next time….

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